Are you a good baker ?
Come play to find out ;)

This game was made for GMTK 2020 !

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Tags2D, baker, bread, Casual, Funny


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yeeee 124 points! this was really fun, congrats on the jam! maybe in the future you can make it so that the toasts go in themselves to add to the difficulty

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Fun game, feels really good to play and has some depth too! I managed to score 112 points :D


Very good score, if you did it on pc then on mobile you will probably do the 200 pts ! Thanks for you comment.

simple game to make baguette lol. Yet it goes random and apparently faster the more you make them.

Thank you very much ! There is a little bit of chance in the cooking time, it's to force a little disorganization of the player and to respect the theme: D

Bien joué Mainc , je me suis bien marrré :)

 mon best score : 38

Merci, c'est cool que ça plaise :) Sur téléphone j'ai pu atteindre 231 points et un peu plus de 100 sur pc mais je suis entraîné ^^. Au début je peux conseiller de prendre son temps en ne mettant pas trop de pain dans le four pour éviter de faire les 5 erreurs qui empêcheront d'aller au bout des 3 minutes de jeu ;)